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Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. "Well, I mean, the only major difference with the podcasts are we can't do live shows anymore and we had a lot of fun piggybacking big PPV events and going to some random town across the country and having a fun weekend there and getting to hang out with some of the listeners for the show. YouTubes privacy policy is available here and YouTubes terms of service is available here. I hope other podcasts participate in a similar fashion. I was all about it. We've received your submission. The Four Horsemen's 5 Most Heroic Acts (& Their 5 Most Treacherous) In fact, she is an eight-time WWE Womens Champion. Her father Ric and her step-sister Charlotte also attended the wedding. I've never been to broadcasting school. So 30 hours a week on top of a full time job and a real life. He once shot himself in the leg, proceeded to dig the bullet out with a pocket knife, and still wrestled that very night! Sadly, the Smith family is riddled with stories of abuse at the hands of Grizzly Smith, and their unfortunate story is soon to be spotlighted in an episode of the third season of VICEs Dark Side of the Ring. Toppin and Reeves, the stars of the game with their 58 combined points, Hidden beneath all of the excitement around Kentucky Basketball's impressive road win at Arkansas, there is still the concern about Cason Wallace's injury and how quickly he will return to the lineup. Griffin Kaye is a life-long pro wrestling fan and historian with a love for '80s and '90s WWF, the NWA, WCW, ECW, and AEW. By 2000, both Hogan and Awesome were, for a short period, in the same promotion simultaneously. He often shares photos of his stepdaughter on his social media posts. I make no bones about that," Thompson says. They've got to make those calls and do the best they can to keep everybody safe. Like her other siblings, Reid Flair earned his name by himself in the wrestling world. Firstly, we start with Blackjack Mulligan a 300+ pound, 68 hoss. In covering both the WWE/F and WCW Conrad has been able to discuss some of the most influential moments in wrestling history with the people who were a part of it. [Photo: TMZ]Jerry Lawlers real-life son Brian Christopher Lawler joined the WWF in 1997 as a part of the Light Heavyweight Division. A post shared by Conrad Thompson (@heyheyitsconradthompson) on Nov 3, 2019 at 4:36pm PST. Zack was supposed to be at Bud Walton until a last-minute 2023 On3 Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Rics oldest daughter is living a happily married life with her husband, Cornard. Brian Lee would find success in ECW and SMW under the guise of Prime Time Brian Lee. Knowing Ric, I know Ric wants to be there. It'll be copy and paste the WWF section of the Observer. Conrad Thompson of Huntsville is a major figure in the world of professional wrestling. In Smoky Mountain Wrestling, Lee was one of the companys focal stars where he held the world title, Beat the Champion title, and tag titles all two times. Eventually I do believe there will be some opportunity that floats down the line for both Tony and Bruce, and theyll ride off into the sunset and do something for professional wrestling. If and when this happens it will be sad for fans (though Id be excited to see either one back in professional wrestling), but I wouldnt expect that to be last we hear from Conrad Thompson. According to her Instagram, Charlotte appears to be dating a wrestler, Andrade. She was born from Rics relationship with his second wife Elizabeth Flair. Ric Flair and Triple H | The Greatest Short Story in Wrestling, Undertaker and Mick Foley Hell in a Cell What Really Happened, How Insecure Are Professional Wrestlers? | Ask PWS, Wrestlings Generation Gap- Ric Flair vs. Ricochet: Then vs. Now, Ric Flair The Nature Boys Wild Night Out in the 70s, The View From the Ring: Tales from a Wrestling Referee, Roddy Piper and Ric Flair A Less Familiar Story, Titanes en el Ring Argentinas Crazy Wrestling Show, Buffalo Jim Barrier: His Shocking, Unsolved Death. Likewise, he is also on Twitter with over 106.5k followers. How do you think your wrestling fandom defines you as a southerner or even more specifically an Alabamian? The glitter was getting in my eyes, Ottman explained in hisrecommended interview on The Genius Cast podcast. Order them at home? It ended when Thompson (sitting ringside) threw some brass knuckles to Andrade, who gave them to Flair. She was reportedly in a relationship in the past as well. It's a new four walls. He can be reached by e-mail at GriffinKaye1@hotmail.com, on Twitter @GriffinKaye1, as well as on Instagram at @TheGriffinKaye and @WrestlingInTheYears. He is a former professional wrestler, who made his debut as a wrestler back on January 17, 1999. 1988. And despite his newfound intimate relationship with pro wrestling, including befriending a few legends in the business, and success with podcasting, his one-time "hobby" has certainly taken a toll. However, one promotion Hogan never stopped by was the stomping grounds of Mike Awesome: ECW. Shaul Guerrero is no longer wrestling, and Aiden is taking a break from the ring to pursue other interests now sharing his stories of the ring and love of whiskey on his YouTube channel Wrestling With Whiskey. Start Free Trial. Thompson married Ric Flair's daughter Megan Fliehr in 2018. Born in Guntersville, Thompson still owns and runs 1st Family Mortgage in Huntsville, Thompson hosts the shows that have since. In talking to Bruce and Tony for so many episodes now, diving into such specificity of people, events and moments from the past, what has it told you about the present? Reply . Daughter of the late Arthur and Margaret (nee Arp). Still the longest-reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion of all time at 454 days, HTM is memorable for incorporating the city of Memphis in his gimmick, doing it differently from his cousin. Brenda married her husband Roger just after high School and they were happily married for 54 years. Some have not been quick to embrace the curtain being pulled back. Flair is undoubtedly one of the biggest draws in wrestling history anchoring the NWA through its peaks and troughs. It marked the first card promoted under the JCP banner since 1988. I loved the over-the-top, cartoonish characters right away. Mike Awesome theorized in a 2003 HighSpots interview that his mishandling in WCW, where he was recast as the Fat Chick Thriller and That 70s Guy, was a punishment from Vince Russo for being too close of kin to Hulk Hogan after Hulk walked out of WCW after Bash at The Beach in 2000. Ric, 70, first marriage was Leslie Goodman. Hogan always seemed to be on top of whatever promotion he was in, whether the heights of 80s WWF, 90s nWo, TNA, and WWE in the 2000s. Debuting for the WWF in 1989, Ottman was initially given a sailors hat and red-striped singlet to play the role of Tugboat. Ric Flair trolls Alabama fans, but they hit back. Although Mike Awesome and Hulk Hogan arent directly related, Awesome is first cousins withMichael Bollea (Horace Hogan of WCW fame), whilst Michael is the nephew of Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan). A young pro wrestling fan never thinks he'll one day be able to reach out and touch that world one day. Hes a predatory lending pretentious moneygrubbing twat but hes pretty funny some of the time. Conrad Thompson invited Arezzi to discuss joint opportunities with Last, who Last characterizes as a self-professed fan of Last. Cookie Settings/Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Do you ever get genuinely frustrated with Bruce, or is it just heightened for the sake of the podcast? I'll never forget that. We were living in Prattville at the time. I Want to Announce The Engagement of My Beautiful Daughter Megan to My Good Friend Conrad Thompson! Flair shared on social media. CBS was into it. wouldn't now be the time to go do that? So if you're not really digging everything in the product, it's because it's just not for you. My first introduction to wrestling was WrestleMania IV. So I went to several WCW TV tapings. He worked in construction as a dry wall finisher for 40-50 years until retiring in 2007. Until then, we at least know Over on KSR's YouTube channel, the postgame crew of Drew Franklin, Jack Pilgrim, and Zack Geoghegan were live after Kentucky Basketball's win in Fayetteville with celebratory reactions. Megan is pretty wealthy and leads a luxurious life as well. We went to visit my grandfather. Who Is Megan Fliehr? The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. In a recommended interview on The Genius Cast podcast, Ottman opened up about what happened. Neither were cartoons. "It's a different experience but it's not his house in Atlanta. #RicFlairsLastMatch pic.twitter.com/anvS5yZGJO. Limited Ads. He shared a picture of his stepdaughter, carrying a dog on his Instagram. Conrad is on Twitter @heyheyitsconrad and the two shows are @prichardshow and @whwmonday. She was born on May 9, 2004, and is already in her teenage years. One chop and one Woo! after another, Flair put on what is presumably the final match (never say never in the wrestling business, after all), teaming with Andrade El Idolo (his son-in-law, married to Charlotte Flair) to take on Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett in a tag team match, refereed by Mike Chioda. Miranda Gordy is the current torchbearer of the Gordy family name in wrestling. So I'd record those, and at the time, they were only doing a handful of PPVs throughout a year. The podcast was not only resonating with wrestling fans, but folks within in the industry as well. We moved to Guntersville I guess when I was 12-years-old. Nobody better than Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior. He is a financial con and he fits right in with wrestling carnies and cons. Wow, so it sounds like you had parents who supported this habit. The worst is when they call him "The Podfather". Brenda Shorey, 71 of Kissimmee, passed away July 22, 2021. If he doesn't want something out there, I won't put it out there. Her father Ric and her step-sister Charlotte also attended the wedding. I remember that like it happened yesterday. Things are going pretty well for Conrad Thompson in the podcast world. Just a mere mention of Anoai, Hart, Guerrero, or Von Erich is sure to drum up memories for wrestling fans and non-fans alike. More than 3 million a month would suggest they do, and you can bet the shows will influence the future of the medium, if they set out to put in the requisite work Thompson does every week. No connection was ever made on television between Roberts and Robin, although Jakes wife Cheryl was part of a WWF storyline amidst his feud with Ravishing Rick Rude. Dressed in purple trunks and boots and a purple cutoff T-shirt with Nature Boy on the back, Flair offered up the gold standards including the aforementioned chops, a figure-four leglock on Lethal, comical bumps and, of course, blood on the forehead.

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conrad thompson daughter


conrad thompson daughter

conrad thompson daughter

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