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Although she disagrees with the idea, she does genuinely care about Jack, and is herself reeling from Steve's sudden and unexpected rejection. Not long after, his adoptive father Harper is revealed as the Riverfront Knifer, who had been killing prostitutes because they reminded him of Kayla, whom he hated because of what she had done to Jack. Jennifer took a job as a talk show host and Jack became a reporter and novelist. Jennifer denounces Jack, and seeks comfort in the arms of her new husband. In addition to being a rapist himself, his father and father-in-law are also rapists and his sister, his niece, and two of his ex-wives (Kayla and Jennifer) have all been raped. Convinced it was his job to make sure Jennifer was taken care of after his death, he began pushing Jennifer and Frankie to spend more time together. In 2022, Robert Scott Wilson was recast as the character shortly after departing the role of Ben Weston. He had amnesia and didn't remember anyone or anything about Salem. Days of Our Lives used to be known for its supercouples and strong romances, and Jack Deveraux and Jennifer Horton were one of the most popular and enduring couples. Jack and Kayla later split up, and the character went on to work at the local newspaper. and Trent searched Jennifer's home and discovered she was posing as a guard, and Jack's visitors were limited to one personhis lawyer, Mickey Horton. Eventually deciding nothing had changed, Jennifer packs up her stuff and leaves with Abby one night while Jack is away. When Jack came to Salem, he was seeking treatment for Hodgkin's disease. Trent was Jack's cell mate before being released and moved next door to Jennifer. When Jack learned this, he broke out of prison and followed them to the Grand Canyon. Jack Patrick Deveraux Jr. (son with Jennifer Horton-Deveraux-Brady). Jennifer's spirit then rose from her coffin and convinced Peter to turn himself in. Jennifer's scheme, however, does not go according to plan as Jennifer finds herself unable to resist him. Kayla and Steve are in love, but when Steve learns Jack is his brother (Billy), he pushes Kayla into marrying Jack to give him the will to fight his disease. Jack got himself a new cellmate, Herbie, who used his girlfriend on the outside to sneak Jack the password that Jennifer had stolen for the warden's computer. Days of our Lives Cast John Aniston Victor Kiriakis Lamon Archey Eli Grant Lindsay Arnold Allie Horton Matthew Ashford Jack Deveraux Camila Banus Gabi Hernandez Nadia Bjorlin Chloe Lane Bryan Dattilo Lucas Horton Judi Evans Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis Mary Beth Evans Kayla Brady Billy Flynn Chad DiMera Galen Gering Rafe Hernandez Deidre Hall However, when Jennifer begins to date Brandon Walker, Jack is determined to continue, especially after he interprets his plan as working. And, after she died, they attended a memorial/autism fundraiser. But then he came back in the flesh as Eves date to ring in 2019, though with no memory of his past! Jack Deveraux is a character from the soap opera, Days of Our Lives, currently portrayed by Matthew Ashford. He admits his love to her and promises never to push her away again. Eventually, however, Jack realizes that she does need him, and he fights his own guilty demons in order to support her as she presses charges against Lawrence. When "Days of Our Lives" viewers first met Jack Deveraux he was played by actor Joseph Adams. He feared for her safety, and for good reason, she was kidnapped by Trent by the time. Frankie discovers a drug trial that could help Jack, and it works; Jack, Jennifer and Frankie are now caught up in an uncomfortable triangle. Although Jack made another attempt to get Jennifer back, it fell apart when Peter learned of his affair with Laura. Jack had decided to stage his death, since he didn't want his loved ones to watch him die. Eventually he discovers that he is "Billy", and he is horrified. In fact, he had been kidnapped and taken to an island that was almost identical to Salem. The wedding is sidetracked when Kayla is arrested for the murder of Marina Toscano. Daniel performed an operation to save Jen's life and the two immediately hit it off. During this time, despite possible temptations on either side by Patrick Lockhart and Cassie for Jack, both manage to be one of the only couples (of many) dealing with fake dead spouses who stay true to each other. When Abigail threw a party for her parents, Gwen Rizchech manipulated her into exposing that Jack had cheated on Jennifer with Kate Roberts while she was in the coma! Jack, who had traveled to Europe with Jennifer and others, is imprisoned the day of the wedding, and is unable to meet with Jennifer as planned near the elevator in Lawrence's bedroom. Over the years, "Days of Our Lives" fans have come to know and love the character of Jack Deveraux (primarily played by Matthew Ashford). According to Soap Opera News, later this fall, Matthew Ashford makes his triumphant return to Days of Our Lives as Jack, something fans have wanted for the longest while. When Jack learned shortly after that Abby had aplastic anemia, contracted because he had signed the wrong documents years before resulting in a polluted water well near their home, he decided Jennifer could never forgive himand left Salem. On December 20, 2017; JJ recalls some happy memories with his father as he writes suicide letters to different people. Abigail's death on Days of our Lives brings Cady McClain back in the role of Jennifer Horton, while Mathew Ashford is back as Jack Deveraux. James Acheson (1987) On December 31st, 2020 Jack showed up alive as Eves plus one. When the two went down there to check it out, Peter magically had the names on the account erased at the very moment they were accessing it. He attempted to blackmail co-partner Diana Colville into selling her other half. By subscribing, I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He used it, and learned that 'Travis' was living next door to Jennifer as Trent Davis. Jack had developed PTSD. Although Lexie and later Marlena tried to convince Jack to tell Jennifer, he was determined to enjoy the time he had left with his family without having them concentrate on his illness. She was with Steve Johnson, but he pushed her towards Jack once he learned that not only was the guy suffering from Hodgkins disease but he was also his long-lost brother, Billy! Wanting a fresh start, they leave for Europe with J.J. while Abigail, who supports her parents move but doesn't want to leave her school and friends, remains in Salem with family. Jack begins to work with college intern Jennifer Horton at The Spectator, a newspaper that he now co-owns with Diana Colville. Soap Opera Digest. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Spoilers: The Truth Is Ready to Explode. Jack Deveraux (as played by Matthew Nile Ashford on Days of Our Lives) Useful information about Jack Deveraux * Alias: Jack Harcourt Deveraux, William Earl Johnson, Billy, and. When she didn't come back, Jack went looking for her, and ended up in a cell next to Katerina's brother, Franois, who he later discovered was the Brady's adoptive son, Frankie Brady. At the same time, Jennifer began searching for the man who her mother had fallen in love with. Realizing that she was right, he acquiesced to spare Jack. Although Matthew Ashford has been the actor to portray the role of Jack Deveraux on "Days of Our Lives" for the longest amount of time, the actor hasn't always been able to return to Salem. While suffering from health issues, Jack fell in love with Kayla and the couple got married. As the circus arrived in Salem, Peter found them and kidnapped Jennifer while tipping off the FBI of Jack's whereabouts. However, it is later confirmed that Jack didn't know about her or her mother, because Jack's mother in-law, Laura Horton was the one who was paying Tiffany to stay away in order to preserve her daughter Jennifer's marriage to Jack. Gwen revealed that she was actually Jacks daughter from an affair hed had many years ago with a woman named Tiffany Rizchech, though he had no memory of the woman. They go first to Ireland and eventually back to Salem. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Spoilers: Marlena, Kayla, and Kate Are Alive! In between tours of Time Square and getting her an autograph from Gwen Stefani, Jack finds time to talk to Abby about her burgeoning relationship with Max Brady, warning her against getting involved with a man much older and more experienced than her. Kayla and Steve begin to have an affair, unable to keep apart any longer. Eventually, however, they are both proven innocent. He has followed Jennifer back to Salem, and the two moved in together so they could look after Abigail. Their marriage hits a snag early on when Jennifer is duped by a conman named Hawk which eventually causes them to lose the majority of Jack's wealth, and puts their marriage in jeopardy, although they manage to work it out. He was sent back to prison, and Jennifer got a job there to help him expose the prison system (using Hope's credentials). But it wasnt until the Cruise of Deception stranded them on a desert island that Jack and Jennifer finally consummated their relationship. Slowly Jack begins to try to make up for the things he had done to hurt Steve and Kayla and they begin to slowly consider that he might actually be changing for the better. When Jack agreed to pay his debts (after luring him into a high-stakes poker game), Daniel confessed his dealings with Peter to Jennifer. It was there that he met the love of his life, Jennifer Horton (Melissa Reeves/Cady McClain). Jack ran for his father's seat in the senate against Mickey Horton, Melissa's adoptive father, using her to get to him. When he discovered the plan, Jack bought a gun and went after Peter. He was a con artist and faked an injury at Jack's penthouse in order to infiltrate their lives. Her trust for him sparks a warm friendship between the two and helps Jack along his path towards becoming a better person. In 1994, Ashford opted not to portray Jack when the character returned home. Xander Kiriakis gave an amnesiac Jack over to Eve, and Eve took him back to Salem. Allie Horton Played by Lindsay Arnold. Jack Harcourt Deveraux grew up in Washington, D.C. and was raised by Senator Harper Deveraux and his second wife, Jack's stepmother, Anjelica Deveraux. Jennifer and Jack have been through more ups and downs than a roller coaster! When she learned the truth, she dumped him. Jack was upset that Kayla was carrying on an affair with Steve while she wouldnt sleep with her own husband, so in a fit of rage, he raped her. Jack and Billie tried to make the money back by getting Jack's novel published. Her death and resurrection were faked with help by their circus friends. But at the hospice where he was dying, Jack found one of the workers was Steve, who was suffering from amnesia. In his latest attempt to win Jennifer back, he suggests the three of them all move in together under one roof, as neither of them had a place to stay. Steve "Patch" Johnson (biological brother) After a few complicated months of trying to make Jennifer think Greta and he are involved while trying to make Greta think he's gay, eventually the truth comes out to Jennifer.

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who all played jack deveraux on days of our lives


who all played jack deveraux on days of our lives

who all played jack deveraux on days of our lives

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