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A four time B&B winner in 1930, 31, 32 and 1933. The first ground used by Williamstown was the Market Reserve, opposite St Mary's Catholic Church, and bounded by Cecil, Cole and Hanmer Streets. Horace Norman was re-appointed captain for the third consecutive season at the meeting but resigned before the first practice match on April 26. One solution was the establishment of a Junior Challenge Cup in 1872 by the Athletic Sports Committee to cater for the second tier clubs such as Williamstown, East Melbourne, Richmond, South Melbourne, West Melbourne and Brunswick, as by 1875 clubs had been divided into three categories - senior, junior and minor. 1970's - Max Papley (Coach of the Decade)Great football clubs are more than successful on and off the field; they are more than a place to play and enjoy the. The game against East Melbourne on July 6 was moved to the Gardens (Fearon) Reserve owing to 'the wet state of the Market Reserve' as was the game against South Yarra Seconds on July 27. Brunswick and West Melbourne were also on the field by 1865, whereas Geelong almost disbanded in this year due to lack of interest and numbers. Furthermore, he was on track to winning the Club best & fairest before being reported for head-butting the emergency umpire in his last game and was subsequently suspended for six matches. The Second Twenty had a more successful season, playing 9 matches of which five were won, two lost with two draws. Leading goalscorer was J. Goble with 5 followed by J. Minto with 3, C. Percy 2 while F. Raymer, Jack Litchfield, H. Cardwell, C. Hernan, T. Wauchope, B. Vaughan and Cooper got one each. var addy_textbb0b214de571d490efda32391d5e6ef9 = 'admin' + '@' + 'williamstownfc' + '.' + 'com' + '.' + 'au';document.getElementById('cloakbb0b214de571d490efda32391d5e6ef9').innerHTML += ''+addy_textbb0b214de571d490efda32391d5e6ef9+'<\/a>'; 2015 Williamstown Footbal Club - Site design by AdTorque Edge. Represented VFA against South Australia in 1911. Stanbridge also won the VFA Medal the same year, as did Neville Huggins in 1937, Arthur Cutting in 1938 and Des Fothergill in 1941. Williamstown Chronicle, May 14, 1870 - the meeting organised by James Arthur Thompson in an effort to restart the Williamstown Football Club. ETU Stadium, 541 Williamstown Road, Port . Each of these Premierships hold special memories for our club. Max Munday Games: 120 Goals: 6 Team of the Century Position: Full back Honours: Premiership player - 1954, 55, 56. Also, following the annual meeting of club delegates/secretaries at Nissen's Cafe in Bourke Street on May 12, a new rule was introduced that players could only represent one club during the year. Its first president was Alfred Thomas Clark, local MLA for 17 years from 1871-87 and founder of the Williamstown Advertiser, who was the first recorded president of Williamstown Football Club in 1870. The 2023 Carlton Football Club season will be the Carlton Football Club's 160th season of competition.. Like. Williamstown Football Club. North would rapidly achieve 'senior' status by 1874. He also records that 'the first football "council" was held at the Argus Hotel (in Collins Street) on May 28 (1860).' St Kilda amalgamated with University in late June of 1875 when it became unable to field a team. The premiership was won by the South Melbourne Football Club. This list may not reflect recent changes. To view premiership teams click www.williamstown.com.au/premiership-photos. VFL Premierships 2003, 2015 (2 . There was also a game against an East Melbourne Twenty at Williamstown on August 5 which, it was reported in The Argus of August 7, that 'resulted, after a well-contested game, in a decisive victory for the former' (East Melbourne), two goals to nil. 300 copies of the Victorian Rules were printed and distributed amongst the various clubs. Appointed coach for the 1913 season and remained as captain in 1914. The first 'official' recorded game of Australian Rules football is thought to have been a meeting between Scotch College and the Melbourne Church of England Grammar School on 7 August, 1858, at the Richmond Paddock where 40 players on each team battled for three hours under agreed rules which were not written down. In the game against a St Kilda Second Twenty at the Gardens (Fearon) Reserve on May 30, 'Town were victorious 7 goals to NIL, a huge margin at the time. We are reaching out to the families or next of kin to contact the club as soon as possible. Thomas Geiser: Played 101 games and kicked 31 goals between 1921 and 1926. Liam Conway. Second Twenty also did well in this season with 5 wins and 2 draws from its 10 matches. Perhaps due to the ground being also used to graze livestock, it was not a good surface for football and was often criticized by visitors. Tom Monteith received a 'handsome silver-mounted emu egg .. for the best all-round player during the season 1877'. Clarke was the first president, with Henry Harrison (Melbourne) and R. Robertson (Carlton) the vice-presidents and Harry Hale Budd (Melbourne) the first secretary and Thomas P. Power (Carlton) the first treasurer. Also, due to the relative newness of the sport, the newspapers of the day didn't rate a game of football highly and, subsequently, did not report on them. Captain and back pocket player in the 1907 premiership win over West Melbourne. South Melbourne also arose out of the amalgamation of Emerald Hill and Albert Park in May but reverted to the Emerald Hill name the following year and then Albert Park in 1869, while Royal Park disbanded. Club Captain in 1903 and 1904 was lured to Footscray and led that club to the 1908 premiership. (Jack) Field Medal winners: Best and Fairest in Second Division Ian Nankervis (1968) and Colin Boyd (1976), To see all williamstown premiership sides please click on the link belowPremiership Photos, To see williamstown football club team of the century click on the link belowWilliamstown team of the century. However, secretaries of football clubs often had to rely on information that was not always accurate. In fact, the home side was so dominant that Williamstown's goal sneaks and one or two forward players had so little to do that, with Melbourne back players, they kept themselves warm by playing leap-frog, while the play was going on at the other end of the ground.'. Jack Litchfield then became secretary in 1874 and 1875. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; By way of example, St Kilda's proposed visit to Pt Gellibrand on July 13 was cancelled due to the Saints only having 11 players available while East Melbourne cancelled its scheduled game with Williamstown because the East players preferred to watch the Carlton v. Melbourne game. One of the new 'junior' clubs that emerged was Cecil, which would soon become South Melbourne and would go on to win five VFA premierships, an effort only surpassed by Geelong during the pre-VFL era. PAST PLAYERS DAY TOMORROW Featuring the '93 Premiership Reunion - 25th Anniversary 12:00pm kick-off in Coccha's Marquee @ Crofts Reserve. In a landmark event in football's development, at a meeting on May 22, 1872, at Garton's Hotel in Swanston Street, club delegates/secretaries amended the 1866 rules including a change of ends after half-time instead of each time a goal was scored and authority for umpires to interpret the rules and call infringements and award free kicks rather than just being an arbiter in disputes between captains. Battery United's colours were blue and white, and it may have been at this stage that Williamstown, whose original colours were dark blue knickerbockers, guernsey and hose with a blue cap with a white stripe down the centre, adopted black and yellow in 1884 when Williamstown entered the VFA due to Geelong already having a dark blue and white uniform. It was the third premiership in the club's history, and the first out of a sequence of three consecutive premierships won from 1888 to 1890. The identities of the two players is unknown but it is the oldest photo in the Club's collection. The Williamstown Football Club held its inaugural Hall of Fame function at Crown Casinon Saturday 31st May 2014. Both played in 1876 when 'Town won the Junior Challenge Cup, the Club's first piece of silverware. At the annual meeting held in respect of the 1879 season at the Mechanics Institute on April 7, 1880, E.G. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Williamstown has proved a great training ground for coaches as well. Power was also the editor of The Footballer publication during its short life from 1875-82. The same scoreline was registered in a game against Hawthorn, also at the. 1970'sGreat football clubs are more than successful on and off the field; they are more than a place to play and enjoy the game of Aussie Rules. A. Fowler was elected captain of the Second Twenty with three vice-captains in Litchfield, Percy and Jamieson. The Williamstown Football Club is looking to acknowledge the service of these past players. Our aim is to build a strong foundation that is both professional and sustainable and sets Port Melbourne Football Club up as a destination club for female and male footballers, coaches, staff and volunteers. It also enhanced recruitment. By 1875, there were 96 Australian Rules football clubs in Melbourne and its suburbs and 42 clubs in regional areas. Riggall had also played for Royal Park in 1865. A notable change to the game occurred in 1879 when behinds were registered for the first time although they still weren't counted in the result and the winner was still the side that kicked the most goals. The result is that a boy crossing the paddock on Sunday last got a kick from one of the horses and, is now . in a very precarious state. John Alexander Springhall senior became just the second president of the Club in 1872 for one year only, replacing Alfred Thomas Clark who had been in the role in 1870 and 1871 but Clark returned to the position in 1873. Ted Alley: Played 160 games and kicked 20 goals between 1905 and 1915. A listing of players to have played with Williamstown in the Victorian Football League, previously known as the VFA. 1959 Premiership player, represented VFA in 1960, played in 1961 and 64. It was reported in the Australasian on August 2 that 'Melbourne scored four goals against juniors Williamstown on July 26 but should have had many more . but the Williamstown goal umpire, due to some ocular defect, reduced the number of goals awarded as compared with those kicked to about half'. There was an important meeting in the history of the game on May 8, 1866, at the Freemasons Hotel which was chaired by Henry Harrison, when club delegates undertook a revision of the original 'Melbourne' 1859 rules, which were refined and supplemented, the key changes relating to running and carrying the ball and bouncing it at intervals. Apart from these gentleman, Bryant was one of Melbourne's early officials and did a lot of work for the advancement of the game, while Tom Jones became a prolific writer of the game for publications such as The Footballer and The Australasian. We have a strengthening relationship with the Williamstown Junior Football Club with our junior teams providing a stepping stone for Williamstown's footballers to continue playing in the gold and blue colours of Williamstown. Public Events. 1864 (merged with South Williamstown 1888) Colours Royal blue and yellow. Wardill), Carlton (T.P. Richmond disappeared in 1862 while St Kilda disbanded in 1863 due to insufficient numbers to field a side but re-emerged in 1873. This email address is being protected from spambots. Played back pocket in the 1921 premiership win over Footscray at the Brunswick Street Oval in Fitzroy. ', Williamstown Chronicle, September 8, 1877. The Williamstown Independent newspaper reported on 2 June 1860 (see below) that 'the members of this newly-formed Club enjoyed their first game on Saturday last.' Six care groups have been formed that consist of . At the completion of the season, the Cup was awarded to Williamstown, which won 10 of its 12 games with one draw to beat a team called South Park by just one point, 21 to 20, followed by South Melbourne (15 points) and Fawkner Park (13 points). Bryant also provided the ball that was used in the early games of football that were played on the Richmond Paddock from 1858 onwards. The May 17, 1859, 'Melbourne Rules', later renamed 'Victorian Rules' following the meeting in May, 1860. There was also a 1 goal (kicked by Will Outen) to NIL victory over senior team, Richmond, at Royal Park on September 4. Williamstown's stats have been entered for the 52-20 win @ James Monroe on 12/3/2022 . One of the draws was against senior club, Melbourne, the premier team of 1876, on July 28, while there was also a one-goal defeat at the hands of another senior team at St Kilda on June 9. Click to see who will be lining up this weekend for Williamstown, Ben Andrews will be at DSV Stadium in 2023, Click here to find out who has came back to the nest, Powered by ChronoForms - ChronoEngine.com, Admin Office Address: Seagulls Nest, Level 1, 1 Mason Street, Newport 3015, Ground Address:Williamstown Football Ground, Morris Street, Williamstown 3016. addy98c4d7b017a5593e90d954012576f9fc = addy98c4d7b017a5593e90d954012576f9fc + 'williamstownfc' + '.' + 'com' + '.' + 'au'; J. The other game against a senior team was a one-nil loss at St Kilda on May 25 when the Saints started off with just nine players but picked up enough substitutes to eventually muster sixteen men. Trevor Monti wrote the first official summary of the Kelly trial which was published in 1981 and he has maintained an intense interest in the bushranger ever since. Dec 19, 2022. The 'J. Affiliation (Historical) Victorian Football Association (VFA) 1884-1995. He played one further season in 1884 when Williamstown obtained senior status. One of these matches was on August 1 where it was reported in The Argus two days later that the 'Williamstown Club sent a team to Hawthorn to play the local club, but the game was brought to an abrupt conclusion in consequence of the Williamstown men declining to play any longer with the umpire, who they considered was not impartial.' Page 1 of 7. 1970's Mal Allen (Coach 1976-77)Great football clubs are more than successful on and off the field; they are more than a place to play and enjoy the game of .

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williamstown football club past players


williamstown football club past players

williamstown football club past players

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